Robot vacuum cleaner
Robot c101

 Robot vacuum cleaner OEM/ODM, High-performance models.

 Cyclone filter system, Special air duct design, fully separate the dust and airflow, dust will only be kept in the dust tank, but not go through the HEPA filter.

● Mapping with Memory Navigation: I use a high-tech laser to navigate your home and remember your floorplan which optimizes my cleaning path.

● Self-adjustable navigation technology: GYRO navigation technology, Path planning.

● Intelligent side brush: The speed can be adjusted  to ensure the cleaning effect of the wall and corner according to the distance from vacuum cleaner to the wall.

● Fixed point cleaning function, Pointer remote conrtrol spot cleaning.

● High suction (Vacuum:1800~4000Pa), Can be instead of the function for vacuum cleaner.

● Cleaning system: Special cleaning system for wooden floor, special cleaning system for carpet.

 Using Brushless motor to ensure the high suction is able to continue.

● WiFi or Bluetooth mobile APP.

● Tri-clean system: I'm not just a robot. I'm a smart vacuum so I utilize a trifecta of agitation, brushing and suction to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair.


 Robotic vacuum cleanerspecification:

● Battery type:18650 Lithium battery

● Battery capacity:2200/2600/5200mAh

● Working time:80-110 minutes

● Charging time:3-5 hours

● Cyclone system: Optional

● Remote Control (Infrared guiding function): Optional

● Mobile APP: Optional

● Mapping with Memory Navigation: Optional

● GYRO navigation technology: Optional

● Automatic charging: Optional

● Intelligent side brush: Optional

● Power:35W~90W

Suction power: 12AW

● Noise:<70dB

● Dustbin Capacity:1000ml

● Product dimension:330*330*79MM

● Product weight:3.8KG

● Colour:Customizable


  Providing the certification as per customer requirement.

  In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, Jadi Tech multi accessories and colors of each model. Customers can choose the needed product which belong to the customer according to the market positioning.