Brand Orientation
Brand Orientation

Quality Selection, Made in JADI

JADI TECH is a shorthand of Chinese characters “Jiadi, It means “happy smart home product”. meanwhile it’s also our brand logo as well. Which is an OEM/ODM manufacturer. To provide cost effective products and attentive services is mission of JADI. Continually working to create a happy living space and perfect harmonious life is an ideal from JADI.


JADI Ideal

What can I do for you when you are in a journey?


The travel date can be set up by communication terminal, and the system could run travel model automatically. When you leave the home, JADI products start to help you to purify the air, clean the room, close the door and window/curtains, switch off the appliance etc. Home monitor system be running at that moment, able to turn off the power, gas, water to avoid accident. Regularly provide you the report and bill etc during your journey. when you finish the travel and before get back to home, JADI Products help you to purify the air, clean the room once again, To prepare the light,muisc,hot/cold water, temperature and humidity in your home according to your favor. To creat you a own happy space when you go back to home.