Robot vacuum cleaner
robot a101

Robot vacuum cleaner, OEM/ODM, Standard model

2.95cm Ultra thin body design. easy for cleaning under the furniture.

Intelligent sensitization technology: Optical sensor technology and radar system, Focus on Auto cleaning the lightless area under the furniture.

● Charging: Android Micro USB charging port, easy for using.

● Thin body and high capacity with 2000/2200 mAh lithium battery.

● Very good touching with floor, 600 Pa strong suction.

Automatic induction system with 8 sensors.

Low noise, less than 50dB.

● Using brushless motor to ensure the high suction is able to continue.

● Custom designed.


Robotic vacuum cleaners, specification:

● Battery type:18650 Lithium battery

● Battery capacity:2000mAh/2200mAh

● Working time:90-150 minutes

● Charging time:3-4 hours

● Power:10W

● Remote Control: Optional

● GYRO navigation technology: Optional

● Vacuum:600PA

● Noise:<50dB

● Dustbin Capacity:250ml

● Product dimension:258*228*29.5MM

● Product weight:0.78KG

● Colour:Customizable


   Providing the certification as per customer requirement.

   In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, Jadi Tech multi accessories and colors of each model. Customers can choose the needed product which belong to the customer according to the market positioning.