Robot vacuum cleaner
robot b101

Robotic vacuum cleaners with gyroscope, OEM/ODM, Optional models

● Path planning,GYRO navigation technology.

● Optionaremote control or mobile APP.

● Including 5 fuctionssweeping, suction, moping, filtering and wiping.

● The inspiration of shape design is from curling of curling game.

● Using special material-tempered glass for front panel, scratch proof, wear resistant and anti-aging.

● Quiet design and noise is less than 60dB.

● Wheel design is from our newest patent product , long life , big friction coefficient, good stability and low noise.

● Using intelligent anti-collision sensor system.

● Custom designed.


Robot cleaners specification:

● Battery type:18650 Lithium battery

● Battery capacity:2600mAh

● Working time:90-120 minutes

● Charging time:2-3 hours

● Remote Control:Optional

● Mobile APP:Optional

● GYRO:Optional

● Automatic charging:Optional

● Mop and Water tank:Optional

● Power:24W

● Vacuum:700PA

● Noise:<60dB

● Dustbin Capacity:600ml

● Product dimension:350*350*85MM

● Product weight:3.5KG

● Colour:Customizable


   Providing the certification as per customer requirement.

   In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, Jadi Tech multi accessories and colors of each model. Customers can choose the needed product which belong to the customer according to the market positioning.