Electric skateboard
All-terrain SUV

Electric skateboard, Quick change structure Longboard SUV


Electric skateboard features:

● Dual-use, PU wheel of 83 is used on flat urban road, and 6" off-road wheel is used on complex road, such as earth road, grassland, uphill and mountain road, etc., and the two wheels can switch rapidly within two minutes;

● After the battery box and controller box are separately set, the plate surface is more elastic;

● High torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio of 83PU wheel, 1:5 deceleration ratio of 6-inch cross-country wheel, strong power;

● Modular design, high production efficiency, easy to detect the problem and maintenance is simple;

● Adopt the dark line method, which does not affect the strength of the plate but also has the beauty;

● The controller is equipped with 5MM thick aluminum heat sink and designed heat sink hole to improve the heat dissipation effect;

● The battery box and the controller box are set separately to avoid heat conduction, then have higher safety.


Skateboard specification:

Driving category:  Belt Drive

Motor type: N5065 High Speed Motor

Power: 1000W*2 brushless motor


Battery type: 18650 Lithium battery

Battery capacity:25.2V 8.8AH

Charging time: 4 hours

Cruising distance: 18-20KM

High speed mode: 30-35 Km/h

Uphill: 20 degrees


Panel material: 8 layers maple

Wheel size: 83*52 mm

Off-road wheel: 6 inch Solid tyre

Quick change structure: exchange the wheel within 2 minutes.


Max load: 150Kg

Net Weight: 8.9 kg

Product size: 970*310*180 mm



Providing the certification as per customer requirement.

Sand paper pattern,Board appearance, Wheel color and performance parameters all are able to made with custom design.