Electric skateboard
Removable battery board

Hoverboard, Removable battery board


Electric scooter features:

● Bright blue LED decoration looks more elegant and beautiful;

● Fully free hands with intelligent power-on function;

● It is more convenient to transport the vehicle and battery separately;

● Set the power display shortcut key on the battery module to display power rapidly;

● Have an extra battery module when riding, and the range will be doubled;

● 75 motor with detachable tire cover, the motor tire cover only needs to be replaced after wearing;

● Convenient and flexible charging, which can charge the battery module separately;

● The battery module can charge the remote controller, mobile phone and other devices separately.


Electric skateboard specification:

Driving category: Dual motor

Motor type: Swappable tire Hub Motor 75mm

Power: 350W*2 brushless motor


Battery type: 18650 Lithium battery

Battery capacity:29.4V 4.4AH

Charging time: 3 hours

Cruising distance: 15KM

High speed mode: 25 Km/h


Panel material: 8 layers maple/ 7 layers maple 1Layer Bamboo

Wheel material: PU

Wheel size: 75*67 mm

Wheel hardness: 80A


Max load: 80/120Kg

Net Weight: 5.8/5.4 kg

Product size: 820*260*160 mm/820*265*130 mm



Providing the certification as per customer requirement.

Sand paper pattern,Board appearance, Wheel color and performance parameters all are able to made with custom design.