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The principle and structure of Robot vacuum cleaner

Time : 25. November 2017

 In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and technology, the intelligent home cleaning robot has entered many families.Today we understand the working principle and structure of the sweeping robot,and can make basic judgments when have any problems.

1.Working principle
The robot body is a mobile device of automatic technology, Equipped with dustbin of vacuum suction device and robot body to set up the path planning, and walk repeatedly in the room. Such as corner cleaning,fix point cleaning, radom pathing,liner cleaning etc.Be assistanted with side brush, main brush and mopping way to strengthen the cleaning effect,in order to complete the personalized cleaning effect.

2.Overall structure
The smart vacuum cleaner is mainly consisted of the following parts
Body: Different brand design of manufactures, appearance will be different.
Battery: NIMH battery is generally used, lithium batterie is partial used.But lithium batteries usually have higher unit prices. Battery charging time and working time are diference from each supplier.
Charge base: A place where a smart sweeper can go to recharge.
Dustbin: The dust bin can collect dust, which is different with paper bag of common vacuum cleaner. Roughly divided into 2 types:1. Central dustbox. 2.Back end dustbin.
Remote control: To control the intelligent vacuum cleaner, also can be operated by front panel of Robot.