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Intelligent sweeping robot profile

Time : 16. November 2017

 Robot vacuum cleaner are widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America, It has also been selling domestically in recent years. In addition, many enterprises in China such as JADI Tech Co.,Limited have started to produce such smart vacuum cleaners. In the future, the intelligent vacuum cleaner will be used as the standard of smart home system, and be responsible for the important task of cleaning the room.

Too lazy, don't want to clean the room, never mind, the robotic vacuum cleaner can help you, You can stay in bed and see it help you to clean the floor.It's the lazy people who promote the development of smart living, and it really make sense.Today we're going to introduce one of the lazy people's favorite, the intelligent sweeping robot.

Sweeping robot, is also called automactic cleaning machine, intelligent vacuum, Robot vacuum cleaner etc, is a kind of intelligent household appliances. It can rely on certain artificial intelligence, can finish the cleaning work in the room automatically. Brush sweeper and vacuum way are usually used to take the dust into dustbin, to finish the floor cleaning function. Generally speaking, the robot that can complete the cleaning, vacuuming and mopping work will also be classified as a sweeping robot.

Nomally the body of smart sweepers are wireless, and disc type. Equipped with rechargeable battery, operating as a remote control or control panel. You can schedule time to make an appointment clean, and also can charge automatically by itself when the power is shortage. The front has a sensor that could detect obstacles, it can make a turn when it’s close to wall or step.According to the programme from different manufactures, the routes and cleaning area planning are difference. (Some of the earlier models may lack some of the features).Because of its simple function and convenience, which are now gradually popularised as household appliances for office workers or modern families.